Universal Motor Controller UMC100-FBP

Large industrial plants often contain several thousand motors in order to provide the necessary motion. Any unplanned or sudden motor stops can lead to faults in the process sequence, which can be a very cost-intensive matter. For this reason, reliable management of these motors is decisive for ensuring a controlled production sequence.

ABB's new UMC100-FBP offers you the optimal solution. UMC100-FBP is a flexible, modular and expandable motor management system for constant-speed low-voltage range motors.
Its most important tasks include motor control and protection, prevention of plant standstills and the reduction of down time. This is made possible by early information relating to possible motor problems which enables unscheduled plant standstills to be avoided. Even if a motor trips, quick diagnosis of the cause of the fault serves to reduce downtime.

Main features of the UMC100-FBP:

    • Comprehensive electronic motor protection detecting overcurrent, undercurrent, phase failures, unbalance, blocking, earth leakages, phase sequence, phase imbalance, earth fault and more
    • Overload and underload protection based on active power
    • Limitation of the number of starts within a given period
    • Earth fault protection
    • Integration of the most important control functions as ready, easily parametrizable blocks
    • Load shedding and restart logic built in
    • Freely programmable for special, application-specific control functions
    • Quick and comprehensive access to all data via LCD panel, fieldbus and/or laptop
    • Optional fieldbus interface for Profibus DP, DeviceNet, Modbus, CANopen, ATEX
    • Graphics-enabled display with backlit, multilingual
    • Multifunctional expansion modules with 8 digital inputs AC or DC, 4 relay outputs and 1 analogue output
    • Multifunctional expansion modules with 8 digital inputs AC or DC, 4 relay outputs and 1 analogue output
    • ATEX approval for use with motors in EEx areas

For most applications it is sufficient to select and parametrically assign one of the UMC100's standard integrated control functions. This can be done using the LCD panel, the GSD and EDS configuration files or via the available DTM (DTM/FDT technology). For special applications, it is possible to create an optimally adapted control function with the help of a function block editor integrated into the DTM. A comprehensive library of function blocks is available to you for this purpose.

The full graphic multi language LCD panel enables the display of all data on-site. Errors and warnings are displayed as clear text in the configured language. Additionally individual error texts can be assigned to fault inputs. There is no need to connect a service Laptop to get for fault diagnosis. All parameters can be set, changed, and protected by a password if required.


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